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Welcome to the Live Streams page.

You can find Live, Free and HQ Streams from all kind of sports. Choose one of the links and sit comfortably - your game is about to begin!
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Myp2p is the best sport stream aggregator on the northern Hemisphere! And it ain't gonna change...

MyP2P - world's top leading party in a field of sport streaming.

There are leftists, there are rightists, there are communist, there are capitalists, and then... there are the streamers. We share huge numbers of extra quality links to sport events with everyone. Everybody can use everything here, but private property still exists. We take care of you here on MyP2P, but yet you still have a freedom of choice. We never charge you for watching, but we are still trying to make some money on this. We say seize the day, but don't forget about your responsibilities. That's us - the streamers.

Sharing. Sharing is everywhere. We live in a world of share, so to speak. So we decided to take every single sport stream and list it here, on MyP2P. Now what you can do is to simply browse all the sport categories we have here, then find a link to a specific game you want, and then use that link to directly watch a particular game. It can't get easier than this, really!

Do you want to watch sport events online? Then you came to the right place.


the best place for all of the sport streams

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